Monday, May 27 @ Rockaway Beach (Secret Seaside Location)

Don’t miss this: An opportunity to witness the once-a-year full moon mating ritual of the horseshoe crab in the Rockaways;  A chance to find your spirit animal seaside with the help of a shaman;  And an invitation to help researchers collect data that directly contributes to the horseshoe crab’s continued survival.  

See and touch these ancient creatures as they crawl ashore at high tide

Make moon and tide calendars, carapace prints, and natural seawater dyes.

Learn about the environment and wildlife of Jamaica Bay.

Transform as you are led on a seaside shamanic journey to find your spirit animal and connect with the earth.

Participate in the collection of scientific data used to safeguard the ancient horseshoe crabs and local wildlife.

Called “living fossils,” horseshoe crabs have barely changed in 450 million years, since before the bedrock of Manhattan was formed. These beautiful, odd creatures often return to the same location to spawn each new and full moon of May when the tides are the highest.  Welcome summer and support the rejuvenation of the community while adorning yourself with a glow-in-the dark moon manicure and learning about the horseshoe crab’s home in Jamaica Bay.  Come for all or part of the events…

Event Schedule

You must RSVP for the 7:45 pm seaside shamanic journey and horseshoe crab walk  

Monday, May 27 8:30pm – Midnight RITUALS AND JOURNEYS @ a secret seaside location

RSVP to for secret seaside location

  • Join scientific experts on a nature walk along the water as these ancient creatures crawl ashore with the high tide.
  • A scientific counting of the crabs in conjunction with NYC Audubon and Cornell Cooperative Extension
  • Seaside shamanic journey to find your spirit animal with Kristen Boyer

New Moon Saturday, June 8 @ MoMA PS1 VW Dome 2- POSTPONED DUE TO WEATHER

3pm-7:30 pm SHOW N’ TELL / ARTS N’ CRAFTS 
Rockaway Beach between Beach 94th St. and Beach 95th St. at Shore Front Parkway;

Moons and Tides 

  • Glow-in-the-dark full moon manicures
  • Make moon and tide calendars
  • Natural seawater dyeing

Horseshoe Crabs and Environs

  • Horseshoe crab ecology discussions with NYC Audubon about how the horseshoe crabs have been doin’ it well for over 450 million years and the relationship between horseshoe crabs and migratory shorebirds
  • Horseshoe Crab carapace prints  * bring something to print on*

8pm- late night AFTERPARTY @ Thai Rock 
The grand re-opening of the Deck post-Sandy!
Bruce Springsteen Cover Band Thunder Road

Support newly re-opened Rockaways businesses. You can support the ongoing restoration efforts of local residents through continued donations. Please be respectful as you enter their neighborhood.


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